Do to the recent sightings and population explosion of the Horbears in Wyoming county

we have decided to have special Horbear season in specified locations in Wyoming county to prevent the over run of horbears.

At first sight they appear to be a cross between a rabbit and a groundhog.

They live mainly in brush like a rabbit but have the appearance of a groundhog except they have medium length brown fur.

They chew on anything made of plastic and rubber. Their main diet is vegetables and will consume an entire garden within an hour or so.

They are very fast and hard to see. They are as cunning as a fox and can hide any ware.

Do to there speed and cunningness' we have issued special weapons for there hunt.

The weapons will be available at the locations of the hunt. You will need a valid drivers license or approved state ID.

All weapons must be returned after the hunt.

As of this time there is no limit on the number of Horbears you can take in Wyoming County.

In the future as there population decreases we may set one.

If the Horbear population continues to increase we may put a bounty on them in specified locations.

The most recent and alarming Horbear population explosion is located at the junction of Overfield Ridge Road and US State Route 6 in Wyoming County.

Times and dates of the hunt and permits will be posted at the intersection of rout 6 and 87 two weeks prior of the hunt.

Remember to always hunt safe.